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We are a small hobby farm located in Olalla WA. 
Click here for some scenic pictures taken at our place
Our site is always a work in progress!

Taking a nice walk on the trails

Current News from the Farm:

Kidding season has started!  If there is a combo that interests you, get your deposits in now!

We currently have one 6 month old male available. His family was unable to keep him.
If you are looking for a nice boy, talk to us. Oshi is house broken, crate trained and started on basic obedience.

Plans are in the works for our 2015 Bouvier litter. 
We are accepting puppy applications for our wait list.

One Rat Terrier boy is available out of Angelic Wyrm and Aries Moses' January litter.
Benny is a very sweet out going boy who should mature into a small standard.

We have two nice Mini LaMancha bucks available, as well as a couple doelings (all breeds) and one yearling Mini-Nubian.
Also available are several cute wethers (keep those blackberries under control!) 

Looking for a future milker? 
We have at least one Mini Nubian Doeling from last year, and one from this year available.
There are three does in milk that are available - one Nigerian and two Mini Nubian

EGGS!  Our girls are currently molting, so production is down for now.
Check back later if you are interested in Eggs.  
Our chickens are free range, pastured and organically feed.  No GMO feed!



We update as often as we can - so check back soon for more fun stuff.

Contact us via email by clicking here
Phone: 206-219-9072
We are located in Olalla WA
The nearest large cities are Tacoma & Seattle